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ariteir's Journal

20 May
Hi, I'm AriTeir, I'm just a humble kind of sort of not really fangirl from the Bottom of the world (I haven't fallen off yet!)

Things you should know about me:

I am 23 years old and therefore far too old to be interested in half the things I am. I live in the port city of Tauranga New Zealand but that's all I'm giving you as far as my location is concerned.

I have several mental illnesses including but not limited too, O.C.D, Asperges and dyslexia, there's no real reason for me too tell you this other than they are all vital in making me who I am. That and I like to play the Dyslexia card as an excuse for my terrible spelling and punctation which may as well be a horror movie entitled 'Night of the Run on Sentences'

Anyway thanks for stopping by feel free to stay a while and put your feet up